A MAZE. / Berlin 2017__April 26 - 29, 2017

6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media Festival

Burglars, Inc.

Burglars Inc Official Launch Trailer

by Fuzzy Orbit Games (United States)

Genre: iOS Indie Puzzle Game

Burglars, Inc. is a brand new type of puzzle game built by the two-man indie team, Fuzzy Orbit Games. Join Chase and her burglar friends as they operate in a crooked city on the outskirts of the law, determined to to steal back what has been taken, one job at a time. Be quick, be careful, or you'll be busted!

  • Experience a brand new type of puzzle game, built from scratch for the iOS
  • Follow an original story-driven caper about a group of burglars out to do good
  • Nearly 200 unique puzzles to beat - crack safes, pick locks, hack computers, and more
  • Gear up with the latest tools and gadgets to help nab trophies and cash
  • 50 ranks to gain and 30 achievements to unlock in over 15 hours of gameplay
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod