A MAZE. / Berlin 2017__April 26 - 29, 2017

6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media Festival

Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot

by Panoramik Inc (Russian Federation)

Genre: Arcade, Shooter VR

Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR is an episodic Steampunk VR shoot ‘em up in which players take control of the last airship of the Great Mechanical Armada. In order to retrieve the legendary treasure of El Dorado, players will have to venture deep into the hostile lands of the Cargo Cult, a world full of ancient wooden mechanisms and stone golems worshipping them, beautiful palms and deadly homing missiles. Players can expect a highly engaging sky pirate experience, taking them from a tense fight with a giant Doomcopter to fending off hordes of flying Bombers and dodging falling debris in the blink of an eye.

Platform: vive