A MAZE. / Berlin 2017__April 26 - 29, 2017

6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media Festival

The Fallen

The Fallen (First Demo)

by gold extra (Austria)

Genre: A Brechtian Shooter

Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine's disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen forces the player into a confusing skirmish that knows no heroes. It tells the stories of ordinary people with ordinary lives, that ended up on this battlefield for different reasons, but all met the same faith in a senseless civil war tainted by nationalism and propaganda.

The Fallen is currently being developed by gold extra with the aid of Causa Creations, Andreas Leitner and Christian Knapp. The current version is a first demo and should give you a glimpse of the intended result.

Team: Georg Hobmeier (Design, Text), Christian Knapp (Code), Andreas Leitner (Code, Design), Coco Rath (2D Design), Katharina Shakina (Translation, Voice), Karl Zechenter (Sound)

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux