A MAZE. / Berlin 2017__April 26 - 29, 2017

6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media Festival


LightJumper Technical (ENG)

by CTRLIGHT (Spain)

Genre: Experimental full body interaction game

Light Jumper is an experimental video game where the user interacts while jumping on a trampoline. The game is installed on a platform with a trampoline as a base and a frontal screen in which to project the interactive scene. An image recognition system based in LED light bracelets and anklets wore by the user, detects the extremities of the player turning them into controllers. Using these multi-pointer controllers, the player interacts with the different game pieces that appear on the screen either by catching, selecting or avoiding them. The objective is to achieve the maximum points while the game increases in difficulty. To accomplish it, it will depend on the player’s abilities of synchronization, endurance, strategy and speed.

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