A MAZE. / Berlin 2017__April 26 - 29, 2017

6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media Festival

Oἶκοςpiel Book 1

Oἶκοςpiel Book I Release Trailer OFFICIAL

by David Kanaga (USA)

Genre: Dog Opera / Adventure

The Oikospielen Opera is developing an epic global-gaming festival called THE GEOSPIEL, scheduled for the year 2100. The opera's employees, organized by the Union of Animal Workers, are trying to integrate the game dev dogs of Koch Games into their group, but these loyal pups love their jobs and boss Donkey Koch too much! Will there be Unity and community, or will Multiplicity and individuality prevail? Money has awakened-- Pluto has captured the spirit of Orpheus, and Eurydice is lead composer in this ~3 hour operatic RE-FORM of the Adventure Game genre.

Platform: Mac, PC